Friday, October 15, 2010

My friend

this is for my friends that suported me trough my journy in life untill now,hope this 5 minute rhime can put togheter my toughts and thank you for being a blessing to me ,i'll never let you down ,for thoes that helped and belived in me thank you verry much ,for thoes that didn't thank you verry little and (ef)(you)(see)(kay) you verry much...

with me even if not close when i'm in a bad mood
will be never angry couse he know's i'm tryin' to do good
sayes : "shall we get close have a drink and get loose?"
something about his cause that i totally aprove
brother by blood even if not from birth
bother to stand down whenever he was up
took me outa garbige ,took me outta dirt
tought me to stand tall,encouraged my grouth
proof that a tousaind can exist in one
one in a million and even if searched not found
fountain of blessing formed in a desert sand
salute him like "yes sir" and then i sing a song...

update: just wanna mention that this post isn't only for my brothers ,it's for my sisters too!!

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