Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So how was 2010?

Well ,not swell ,not good,not better ,not amazing...i'm still searching for the proper word. The moments that 2010 gave me were from the saddest to the most uplifting. Starting from January this year when i meet a couple that came from a city that only on a postcard i saw and until the verry last day of 2010 all my journy trough the months that passed was like a novel that if someone had the oportunity to open and read it would have made him stick withh my action all trough the 365 days...I sometimes say that I don't belive in sites on the internet but it's not late to say i'm wrong so if u wanna travel and meet amazing people go to Couchsurfing.com ... Last year i found that i still can say that true friends still exist ,that true bonds can't be broken with passing of time and there's still something that can impress u whenever u tought what u can't be impresseed anymore.

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